Body Scrubs & Treatments

body scrubs

Experience our relaxing and refreshing Body Polish ( Body Scrubs). Dull, dry skin needs our help. We use results-oriented Epicuren Discovery polishes to exfoliate, hot towels and hydration with a relaxing massage type application. Head, neck and feet massage are included. Epicuren uses sustainable ingredients that are good for your body and the environment. 

Why Exfoliate? here's some of the benefits.

  • Exfoliation allows your skin to better absorb moisturizer. By removing dead skin cell buildup, any moisturizer applied afterward will soak into the skin more thoroughly.
  • Unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliation helps to unclog pores, which can prevent uncomfortable razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 
  • Smoother and more even-looking skin. Dry skin build up can cause a dull appearance and cracked texture. Exfoliation will help invigorate your skin for a fresh look and feeling.
  • Great prep for waxing and tanning. Experience more effective and longer-lasting results from your waxing or tanning services following a good scrub.

Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Polish - 60 min $150.
* An indulgent experience, this natural blend of brown sugar and honey has an excellent humectant properties that soften and smooth the skin.
*  A rich, emollient scrub combined with the light aroma of vanilla and cinnamon. Smells so good you'll want to eat it.

Papaya Pineapple Bamboo Body Polish - 60 min $150
* Bioflavonoid-rich Grape Seeds and sustainable Bamboo gently infuse and exfoliate the body, leaving skin revived and smooth.
* Buttery rich oils are blended with papaya and pineapple, natural sources of enzymes to gently perfect and refine the skin.

Back Facial - Includes Epicuren product, cleans, scrub, mask and moisturize. Hot towels and hydration of lotion or oils.
Experience this luxurious feeling of skin care and relaxation. It's a facial for your back.

Radiant Skin - Back Facial - 60 min $150.
You back will look fabulous and radiant healthy.  looking Your back will feel wonderful and look great.

Clarify Back Facial- 60 min $165
Designed to help acne, inflammation and modulate oil production. Epicuren acne treatment uses exfoliating enzymes, sulfur, propolis, and probiotics, resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion. Results are most effective when offered in a series.

Back or Foot Scrub - Add on- to your massage $25. 


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