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60 and 90 min services & prices listed
A light to medium-pressure Swedish massage tailored to your preferences, promoting muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and an overall sense of well-being.
Single        $135  |  $165
Couples     $260  |  $330
This firm to deep-pressure massage offers targeted manual manipulation of deeper layers of muscle and fascia tissue, promoting deep relief and a renewed sense of well-being.
Single        $165  |  $200
Couples     $310  |  $390
Allow the muscles to fully relax, increase circulation, and prompt detoxification. Salt tones contain 84 minerals that help replenish cells.
Single        $180  |  $220
Couples     $360  |  $440
*120 minute service
Revitalize with the perfect blend of relaxation and skin renewal. Our Full Body Scrub features a Dead Sea mud mask, your choice of sugar or salt exfoliant, moisturizing body butter, and a touch of Swedish massage.
This soothing massages is crafted to help expecting moms relax and alleviate sore muscles. Opt for an Individual session or Couples massage for a shared moment of relaxation with your partner.
Single        $155  |  $195
Couples     $310  |  $390
Single        $145  |  $185
Couples     $270  |  $350
Reach maximum relaxation with a 120 minute massage tailored to your needs and wants. This includes warm towels, hand and foot scrub, and a take home eye pillow.
Single           $300
Couples        $600


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Enhance your experience
all can be added at the time of appointment

This ancient technique uses suction cups to increase circulation, promote lymph flow, and enhance oxygen intake at a cellular level, providing a deeply therapeutic complement to your chosen massage style.
Lymphatic Oil
Enhance your massage with with our Lymphatic Oil, expertly formulated to support healthy lymphatic function and reduce swelling and inflammation.
Arnica Lotion
Weave our arnica pain-relief cream by Epicuren into your chosen massage for maximum relief. This all-natural, anti-inflammatory topical agent is perfect for soothing tired, tense, or sore and aching muscles. 
Foot/Back Scrub
Choose from seasonal specialties or classic salt/sugar scrubs for a quick skin renewal and targeted muscle relaxation. The perfect addition to amplify your relaxation.
Elevate your senses with customized aromatherapy by choosing from a variety of premium scents to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation throughout your session.
Sol Gemstone Oil
Supercharge your session with our luxurious Sol Gemstone oil, infused with Citrine and a revitalizing blend of essential oils to moisturize the skin and rejuvenate the spirit.
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