Lash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that involves enhancing the length, thickness, and curl of natural eyelashes. They are semi-permanent and designed to create a fuller and more defined look for the eyes without the need for mascara or other eye makeup. Lash extensions are individually applied to each natural lash using a special adhesive.

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how lash extensions are typically applied:

  1. Consultation: Before the procedure, a consultation with a trained lash technician is essential. During this discussion, you can discuss your desired lash look, the style you want (e.g., natural, dramatic, cat-eye), and any concerns or allergies you may have.
  2. Lash Selection: Lash extensions come in various lengths, thicknesses, and materials (usually synthetic fibers like mink, silk, or synthetic mink). The technician will help you select lashes that suit your natural eye shape and desired outcome.
  3. Preparation: Once you're ready for the application, the technician will cleanse your eyelashes thoroughly to remove any makeup, oils, or residue. They might also use under-eye pads or tape to protect the lower lashes and skin during the procedure.
  4. Application: The lash technician will use a specialized tweezer to pick up individual lash extensions and dip the base in a small amount of lash adhesive. They'll then carefully place each extension onto your natural lashes, close to the lash line. The process is precise and can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the desired fullness and the skill level of the technician.
  5. Bonding: The adhesive used for lash extensions is formulated to be safe for use around the eyes. It creates a strong bond between the extension and the natural lash, ensuring the extension stays in place until the natural lash sheds, which is typically around 4 to 6 weeks.
  6. Curing: Some lash adhesives require a short curing period after application. This allows the glue to fully dry and create a secure bond between the extensions and natural lashes.
  7. Aftercare: After the lash extensions are applied, it's important to follow proper aftercare instructions to maintain their longevity. Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours, avoid oil-based products near the eyes, and refrain from rubbing or pulling on the lashes.
  8. Fills: As your natural lashes go through their natural growth cycle, the lash extensions will shed along with them. To keep your lash look consistent, you can schedule regular "fills" with your lash technician every few weeks. During a fill appointment, the technician will replace any extensions that have fallen out and add new ones to maintain the desired fullness.

It's crucial to have lash extensions applied by a certified and experienced lash technician to ensure a safe and successful procedure. Improper application or use of low-quality materials can lead to discomfort, irritation, and damage to your natural lashes.

Lash Extensions (Full Set Classic)       $145.00 (Service can take up to 120 minutes)

This service provides an enhancement to your natural lashes. We attach one single lash extension, to one of your natural lashes in different lengths to enhance the eyes. 

Lash extensions (Full Set Hybrid)         $165.00 (Service can take up to 120 minutes)

Hybrid includes classic lashes and fans for a fuller look.

Lash Fill (Classic)                         $75.00 (Time may vary)

This service is every 2-3 weeks. To replace the lashes that have naturally fallen out, and to attach a new extension to new lashes. A fill is also having 50% of your lash extensions still attached.

(Established AVT lash clients only)

Lash Fill (Hybrid)               $85.00 (Time may vary)

This service is to replace any lashes that have naturally fallen out, and to replace new lashes coming in. A fill is also having 50% of lashes still attached.

(Established AVT lash clients only) 

New Client Fill               $85.00 (Time may vary)

This is for clients that currently have lash extensions from another provider. (Must have 50% of lashes still on) 




Lashes are available monday and wednesday 11-5. Other appointments can be take over the phone only. Please call (805)773-2206 

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